The month of April brought us two speakers that we haven’t had the opportunity to learn from recently. At the South Manatee Library during our evening session, David Breakfield spoke about the history of Manatee County’s theaters. This talk really brought out the nostalgia for many folks as they thought back on some of the great theaters that are no longer standing locally, like the Trail Drive In.

Postcard of the Trail Drive In from 1952, courtesy of Manatee County Public Library System’s Historical Digital Collections

At our luncheon, Emily Lane from Habitat for Humanity presented a history of the organization and all the good that they do today. This is our last luncheon for the Spring as we take a short break.

This week we present our Roger Williams Memorial Scholarship to a talented history-loving Manatee County high school student! We will provide more information about our recipient next month.

This Saturday, May 11th, is our annual picnic at the Manatee Village Historical Park. Bring a snack and catch up, enjoy a tour around the village, and learn more about what the society does. Please reach out to Peggy Veeder ([email protected]) with any questions.

Looking for more local history this summer? Our evening talks will continue with new speakers and topics. This month, Katie Fleck will be presenting about the Rough and Tumble Women of Manatee County on May 14th at 5:30pm at the South Manatee Library.