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About MCHS

About MCHS

The Manatee County Historical Society (MCHS) was chartered on March 18, 1946 and is the oldest local historical society.

Our purpose is to collect, record and preserve the story of Manatee County. The Society endeavors to preserve, protect and promote the memory of a land so rich in stories of how this unique area came to be, a trove of interesting people and their times.  Shaped by those people, weather and wars, the Village of Manatee and the surrounding county reflect how hard work and events, and sometimes serendipity, formed what we have today.


MCHS Board Members

Mike Herring

Pam Gibson
1st Vice President

Peggy Veeder
2nd Vice President

Chris Frano

David Breakfield
Recording Secretary

Evelyn Hoskins
Chaplain, Secretary

Jan Greene
Past President


Tiffany Birakis

Peggy Donoho

Merab Favorite

Joanna Williams

Roger Williams